Friday, February 17, 2012

Cover up of Conservative Radio Host hit and run outside Gay Bar.

OK, so a former republican councilman and current conservative talk-radio bloviater does a hit-and-run outside a gay bar. He hits the bouncer's vehicle. The bouncer sees him do it. He sees they guy and identifies him as said talk radio host. He writes down the license plate. The license plate number traces back to said talk show host. Security cameras inside the bar show that said talk show hose was inside the establishment before the collision. The police send evidence to the DA. The DA won't prosecute because "nobody saw him do it". Sounds like somebody is a radio fan.
New witnesses step forward to say they saw a talk show host behind the wheel after a hit-and-run crash outside a popular gay bar, and Local 2 Investigates obtains video from inside the bar that is now in the hands of police.

Louisville Lawyer John M. Lally

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